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Artisan Jeweler

Ken Rosenberger has been working as a full-time jewelry artisan since 2006, converting what was once only a part-time passion into his life's work. He is always striving to expand his knowledge and skill set in the pursuit of ever more challenging jewelry creations.

With inspiration from native American jewelry arts and a fusion with Art Deco and mid-century jewelry classics, Ken is known for his intricate and exacting stone inlay work, executed in both karat gold and sterling silver. His works are often highlighted with beautiful and rare faceted gemstones, from diamonds to a full range of colored gemstones.

Ken has helped pioneer the use of 3D design and model printing for artisan jewelry, replacing the age-old process of hand carving wax models. This allows an incredible diversity of design ideas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to execute.

You can find Ken's work in a limited selection of upscale galleries and at fine art shows nationally.

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